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You've Got To Sing

CELEBRATION - 1. You've Got to Sing  2. Thank You Jesus  3. Vessel of Honor  4. Holy Spirit Flow Through Me  5. Join Right In  6. Leaving In Style  7. What a Meeting  8. How Majestic is Your Name  9. He Knows His Own  10. When I Look at the Cross


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I Will Praise The Lord

I WILL PRAISE THE LORD - *1.Glory Road  2. Praise His Name  3. Arise My Love  4. Four Days Late  *5. Oh What a Time  6. I'm Free  7. My Hope Lies in You  8. I Will Praise the Lord  9. Lighthouse  10. Hallelujah Side


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I Know What It's Like

AMAZING LOVE - 1. Amazing Love  2. I'll Be Back  3. Happy Rhythm  4. The Bridge  5. My Life is in Your Hands  6. God Sent Angels  7. When I'm Praying  8. I KnowWhat It's Like/Sheltered in the Arms of God/Joy Comes in the Morning  9. Singing in My Soul  10. For God So Loved  11. Touch Me Now


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The Silent Lamb

THE SILENT LAMB - 1. The Silent Lamb  2. Solid Rock  3. River  4. The Moment I'm Gone  *5. I've Been Saved  6. Unsung Heros  7. Heaven Will Be My Home  8. Not Givin' In  9. Life's Railway  10.Gloryland Way


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Running My Last Mile Home

JOE ABLES - 1. Moving the Stone  2. Running My Last Mile Home  3. Beulah Land  4. When Jesus Says It's Enough  5. Ready for the Rain  6. Search Me Lord  7. Take Off Those Rags Lazarus  8. Had It Not Been  9. Saved, Saved, Saved  10. Jesus Came Out Alive

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